Kaoru's Exciting Summer

Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm Back!!

Hi! 2days ago, I came back to Japan.
Japanese food made me happy!
But…I’m so sad because I’m no longer in Maryland…
I miss everything in Maryland.
I couldn’t imagine that I feel such sadness before program begins.
Thank you, Nina, Kevin, Laura, Ji Won, Tim, and all people who helped us!!

I’m a lucky girl!
Because I could participate in this program!!
Teachers, mentors, circumstances... everything was great!!!
I never forget this exciting summer!!
Oh, I come to be sad…(;_;)
I’ll go back to Maryland someday!!

From today, to Aug.24, I have a camp for training of boxing club.
(Of course, I’m not a player! I’m a team secretary!)
When I finish camp, I’ll write blog!!
Oh~I have no time… I must go...

See you~~~!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Montgomery County Fair

Yesterday, I went to Montgomery county fair after the class.

I had experienced county fair in my hometown.
My home town is highland and there are many farms and fields.
So, I was interested in the difference between Japanese county fair between it of the home.

Indeed, there are many similarities.
Maybe it of my home town imitates Kentucky’s.
(My hometown has much to do with Kentucky, America)

County fair of my home town is smaller than Montgomery’s.
But I remember my hometown.
I love my hometown, Kiyosato, Yamanashi.

Yesterday, I especially like piggy race!!!
It was very funny and cute!!
Children (audiences) were also cute!! *^_^*
I enjoyed fair very much.
But pigs and sheep smelled bad…..

After that, we, some members and all mentors went to KARAOKE.
I was enjoyed American KARAOKE.
I was surprised we can sing Japanese songs in America.
Ji Won, Laura, Tim are all very good singers.
I was also surprised their talent for singing!!
I was happy to go to KARAOKE togeter with mentors!!!!

This 2weeks in America is very enjoyable!!!
Today is the last class day and farewell party…..
So, I’m very sad….
I feel like that I don’t want to go back to Japan….

Monday, August 14, 2006


Last Friday, we went to McKeldin Library, the main library at UM.
Prange Collection is a part of it.
There are many precious Japanese historical materials in Prange Collection.
I was excited to see those!!
Little did I dream I could see genuine that I saw in the text of Japanese history.
I’m interested in Japanese history, so I was pleased to go there and see some materials.
I want to brush up my Japanese history!!

Last Saturday we went to Annapolis. After we went to State House, we enjoyed Severn River cruise.
Fresh breeze refreshed my mind and body. :-)
It was very happy times.

Yesterday, we went to George Washington’s Mont Vernon by water cruise.
The view from outside of the Washington’s House is so beautiful!!!
Greenery and river and sky are multiple effects.
We whiled as we lay.
It was agreeable!
After that, Tim threw stone to the river from the hillside.
I was surprised to see Tim threw it very very far away!!
In this connection, there were no people on hillside, so, it was not danger. :-)

Friday, August 11, 2006

Panel Discussion

Yesterday, we had a panel discussion about American student life.
Panelists told us detailed school life.
For example, they told how to choose university, how to choose major, etc.

I felt that university students in America are almost busy with study.
I was surprised to hear their time to spend for study.
One of panelists told me he had studied Japanese 24hours per week for 2years!!
But it was his minor!
Japanese students generally study second foreign language about 2hours per week except classes…
Even in English study, first foreign language of us, we can reach to time of American student’s.

So, I started to doubt if Japanese students study in earnest.
And I realized I’m lazy…

I must study more seriously.
I want to do my best in study from now

Thursday, August 10, 2006

China Town

Yesterday, we had a class about American immigrant by Kevin.
In that class, Kevin sang songs with ukulele for us.
Kevin’s songs are very nice!
Kevin is a good singer!!
We enjoyed singing.
His class has not only a lot of learning but also fun!

After that, we went to the Daily and ate ice cream.
I like the Daily’s ice cream!!

In the afternoon, we went to China Town.
I wanted to enjoy photo scavenger hunt, but I went QI because of my bad condition.
I’m sorry to have troubled everyone especially Ji Won. :-(
On the way to go QI, Ji Won talked me various things.
I want to study harder especially English to hear that.

But today, I got well!!
I want to enjoy today’s discussion.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Shopping At Pentagon City :-)

Yesterday was the Family Day in AGU in America.
So, we had panel discussion.
It was interesting to me because I can’t imagine American home life.
In Japan, there is almost no example of immigrant.
I want to know more.

And to hear mentors’ home life was very interesting.
If we could afford to know more about American home life, we are happy.

After that, we went shopping to Pentagon city.
The shopping mall was so big!!!
I was excited!!

At first, we went to XXI (Laura’s recommendation).
We spend almost time there….
It was so interesting that we forget to eat dinner.
There were a lot of cute clothes.
I bought 3 clothes there.
I want to go the mall again!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Washington Post

Yesterday, we visited Washington Post.

I’m very interested in journalism.

Last year, I had worked part time at “JAPAN JIJI PRESS”.
When I present on the occasion that News is created,
I am thrilled.

So, I was looking forward to going there!!

It was so… exciting!!!
I want to stay longer there and want to see more.

After that, we had dinner with Tim, one of our mentors.
Tim told us that his Japanese is Kansai dialect.
Our members have no Kansai people, so it was very interesting.

Our mentors, Laura, Tim and Ji won are great!!
We like them very much!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

My First Trip on Washington, D.C.!!

Last Saturday August 5 and Sunday 6, I went to Washington, D.C. as my first major trip.
I was surprised to see beautiful Washington, D.C.!!
Washington Monument is very beautiful. Nina told us about its history as we saw Monument.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Hi! Now I’m at MEI school.
It’s MEI and AGU summer program.
I’m a lucky girl because I can catch this opportunity!!

Days in US are sequence of excitement and surprise.

In America, all of the things and goods are big!!
Even a tooth brush….!!!!

Foods are exiting, too.
Difference between Japan’s is clearly.
I ate Tacos on the 1st day and Pita on the 2nd day.
Both are so nice!! Sweet!! I like them.

I’d like to enjoy this program!!